According to a Wells Fargo report, 12 States in Contraction, Alabama in Recession.

The report from the San Francisco-based bank said Alabama was one of 12 states experiencing an economic contraction in July and “likely slipped into a recession.”

The report, written by senior economist Mark Vitner and economist Michael A Brown, said more states “are likely to fall into negative territory within the next six months” because of a persistent decline in manufacturing jobs.

Of the 12 states cited in Wells Fargo’s report, five were in the South. Joining Alabama were Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. The other seven states were Michigan, Nevada, Montana, Illinois, Indiana, Vermont, and Alaska.

12 Down 38 to Go

The amusing thing was Alabama state officials in denial.

Some farm states may avoid a recession this time around, but otherwise a clear picture has emerged: US In Recession Right Here, Right Now

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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