The original title of my post Arizona Circuit Court Ruling Legitimizes MERS is misleading. The title of that post been changed and I added this addendum to explain the change:


The original title of this post was Arizona Circuit Court Ruling Legitimizes MERS. The title is misleading. It should say 9th Circuit Court.

A lawyer friend writes …

The 9th Circuit takes appeals from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. It’s one of 11 federal courts of appeal and is headquartered in San Francisco. It’s not an “Arizona” Circuit court. This is a more important decision than you indicate.

Moreover, Republican Callahan was joined by two Clinton Democrats, Tallman and Rawlinson. Tallman is very highly respected.

All are viewed as moderates. This appears to be a real, non-political “bipartisan” decision.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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