Via Google Translate, Late payment of Real Estate Loans Hits Record 17.7%

More than three years after the bursting of the housing bubble, banking has yet to digest the glut of brick that was in the boom years. In fact, instead of improving, deteriorating assets linked to this sector is growing by leaps and bounds.

As reported today by the Bank of Spain , delinquencies in the housing sector has risen in the second quarter in more than two percentage points to 17.8% of total loans to these activities. Furthermore, as has been happening since the beginning of the crisis , the percentage with which they closed in June represents the highest level of arrears that collect statistics supervisor, which collects data disaggregated by sector since 2000 and, therefore, not reflect the evolution of the crisis of the early 90’s.

From the monitor data, delinquencies rose from 6.69% to 6.93% in June, which in money equals a total of 124,700 million euros in loans for which collection is considered doubtful.

124.7 Billion Euros of debt is in doubt on a total loan pool of 1.79 Trillion Euros (Also see Late Payments at Spanish Banks, Cooperatives, Credit Institutions Hits 7%, Highest Since 1995)

Does anyone really think Spanish taxpayers can cover that debt as well as sovereign debt with no losses to bondholders?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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