I had hopes that Christie would step up to the plate because other than Ron Paul, every other Republican candidate leaves much to be desired.

Thus, I am sad to report Christie Says No to White House Bid, Ends Speculation

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who spent more than a year denying he’d run for president in 2012, put an end to renewed speculation of a bid and said he won’t join the race to challenge President Barack Obama.

The 49-year-old Republican, who has been reconsidering in recent days, announced the decision during a news conference today at the state capitol in Trenton.

“My commitment to the state is what overrode everything else,” Christie said. “New Jersey, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.”

I believe Christie would have become the next president had he run. Instead, expect more war-mongering, trade wars, and refusal to do anything about public unions regardless of what candidate wins.

I do not know what Christie’s policies are regarding war-mongering or trade wars. However, I do know the rest of the field, including Obama is committed to doing nothing about excessive military spending. I also know that protectionist nonsense is brewing in Congress and Mitt Romney is on the wrong side of the debate.

Finally, I know (as does everyone else) what Christie has done in New Jersey to take on public unions.

Christie would have lit a fire in the middle. Instead, the nation faces the prospect of another four years of Obama or some lame Republican (assuming Paul does not win). The very best we can hope for from Romney or Perry is to not make matters worse.

Prospects for US Economy Go Down the Drain

I highly doubt Christie gets another chance, ever. Moreover, Obama’s odds of winning just shot up.

Unfortunately, Christie’s time has come and gone, unless by some miracle he is drafted in a deadlocked convention. The chance for a genuine outsider to lead just went down the drain, and so did prospects for the US economy.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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