Every Autumn, my neighbor has an “effigy party” and guests are invited to burn a symbol of what ails them in a display of public odium.

One of the guests was Alex Sirois, Director of Strategy of Motorola, who chose to burn a ceramic Piig. Others burnt symbols of the Chicago Cubs, the Ohio State coach, a giant cigarette by someone who was quitting smoking, and other such worthy symbols.

I arrived with the action already in progress but I did manage to catch a few burning images. Click on any shot for sharper image.

Ceramic Piig, Complete with Symbol of Euro

Lifesize replica of Ohio State football coach going up in flames. The head is an image taped on a balloon. How that balloon lasted so long in a fire is rather amazing.

No effigy burning party would be complete without burning a figure of the most futile team in all of sports history, the Chicago Cubs.

If by some miracle the Chicago Cubs win next year, please thank my neighbor’s associates for properly exorcising the demons that haunt the Cubs.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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