It’s now a four-way virtual dead heat in the Iowa caucuses with Ron Paul clustered in the group at the top. This is in spite of lack of media attention by the press, especially Fox News which gave Ron Paul a 5-second mention regarding recent polls.

Ron Paul Moves Into 4-Way Tie

CBS News reports New poll shows 4-way tie in Iowa as Ron Paul moves to top tier

A new Bloomberg poll of likely caucus participants shows a four-way tie in Iowa, with Rep. Ron Paul joining Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain in the top tier of candidates. Underscoring the uncertainty in the race, 60 percent of respondents said they could be persuaded to back someone other than their first choice for the nomination.

The poll, conducted November 10 – 12 by the West Des Moines-based firm Selzer & Co, shows Cain in the lead with 20 percent, while Paul comes in at 19 percent. Romney wins 18 percent support, and Gingrich earns 17 percent. The margin of error is 4.4 percent.

The focus on economic issues has likely advantaged Paul, who is known for his strong libertarian views. The Texas congressman wins the most support, 32 percent, from likely caucus-goers who say they’ve made up their minds. Romney wins 25 percent of those who are decided, followed by Gingrich at 17 percent. On top of that, 69 percent of Iowa voters who supported Paul in 2008 are once again supporting him.

Republican Dead Heat in Iowa

Bloomberg reports on the Republican Dead Heat in Iowa

A Bloomberg News poll shows Cain at 20 percent, Paul at 19 percent, Romney at 18 percent and Gingrich at 17 percent among the likely attendees with the caucuses that start the nominating contests seven weeks away.

Economic issues such as jobs, taxes and government spending are driving voter sentiment, rather than such social issues as abortion and gay marriage, the poll finds. Only about a quarter of likely caucus-goers say social or constitutional issues are more important to them, compared with 71 percent who say fiscal concerns.

The poll reflects the race’s fluidity, with 60 percent of respondents saying they still could be persuaded to back someone other than their top choice, and 10 percent undecided. Paul’s support is more solidified than his rivals, while Cain’s is softer. All of the major contenders have issue challenges to address.

Among Paul supporters who backed him in the 2008 caucuses, 69 percent are still with him now.

Poll participant Sarah Stang, 78, a retired teacher who lives in Osage, Iowa, said she switched parties four years ago so she could vote for Paul.

“He doesn’t want to raise taxes on us middle- and low- income people,” she said, adding that she “loves” his challenges to the Federal Reserve. “They have way too much power. They should let the marketplace do what it’s supposed to,” she said.

Fox News Gives Ron Paul 5 Seconds

Huntington News reports Fox News Gives Paul Five Second Mention

Based on the most recent Iowa caucuses Bloomberg News poll, the four Republican candidates are running a too close to call race. The poll taken Nov. 10-12 has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4%. Herman Cain leads with 20%, followed by Ron Paul 19%, Mitt Romney 18% and Newt Gingrich 17%. According to the poll, 71% of the caucus goers have “fiscal” issues on their minds not social or constitutional ones.

Paul backers have not pulled in their daggers regarding Fox News and CBS News. One writes that Fox did a “five second” on the Iowa poll’s man in second place. The commentator stated, “they spent the next 20 minutes talking about Gingrich, Cain, Romney and … Perry. Nothing about the guy in second place.”

The Ron Paul “Distraction”

RT News discusses the “Ron Paul Distraction

Less than two months before the Iowa caucuses occur — the next monumental step in the course of events leading up to the Republican Party makes their nomination for the presidency — Texas Congressman Ron Paul has taken the lead in the latest poll.

Paul resurgence comes despite a serious lack of attention from the mainstream media, who have time and time again downplayed the candidate’s campaign, instead offering coverage to other candidates such as Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. During last week’s debate, CNBC only awarded Paul 89 seconds to respond to questions during the televised portion of the event. According to the latest polling from Bloomberg, however, that might have been enough to give Paul the most powerful chance at the White House yet.

“If I were Romney and Perry, I would be thinking of a way to get Ron Paul off the stage because he is a distraction,” Republican strategist Bradley Blakeman explained to Fox Business in earlier in the race.

The “Real” Distractions

The “real” distractions are Herman Cain and his sexual allegations, Newt Gingrich with three marriages and a record of failed leadership, Rick Perry who cannot even remember his own three-point proposal to cut government departments, and war-mongering Mitt Romney who does not know an damn thing about trade policy but did create the essential basis of Obama’s reviled health care plan.

Ron Paul has no such distractions, and that is why the media ignores him in general. Fox News ignores Paul for a different reason: Fox News favors a war monger, which means anyone but Ron Paul.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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