The Eu Observer reports EU staff to go on strike

EU staff unions have re-iterated their threat to go on strike after negotiations with the European Commission failed to produce an agreement on a new package of pay and pension changes.

“If Sefcovic does not reopen the negotiations, we will go on strike,” said Felix Geradon, secretary-general of the Union Syndicale, the biggest of the eleven within the institutions.

Earlier this month, the unions gave the commission a strike notice, giving warning that they are prepared to down tools for one day any time between 23 November and 17 December, a move that would practically shut down the European Commission.

Would Anyone Notice?

The key to answering that question is found in the preceding paragraph: the strike “would practically shut down the European Commission“.

If true, people might notice a stunning improvement in productivity, fewer stupid rules as described in EU Bans Claim “Drinking Water Can Prevent Dehydration” Expect More Such Stupidity if European Nanny-Zone Fiscal Union Forms, and a general overall improvement in economic confidence.

Unfortunately, such a productivity-improving strike would likely not last long enough for people to notice the EC is (at best) totally useless, and at worst economically damaging in a major way.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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