When it comes to humor from politicians (in a good sense), Nigel Farage is right at the top of the list.

His opening line had me laughing out loud.

Link if YouTube video does not play: Escape Euro Prison!

Partial Transcript

RT: Britain has no to tighter controls leaving Euro countries to sort themselves out and the UK is being pushed further aside.

Farage: Well let’s hope so … Cameron said can we have some small concessions. Sarkozy told him to take a running jump. On the face of it I should be cheering David Cameron and say isn’t it marvelous, the British prime minister has finally stood up and said something. … But we are still members of the union, wae are still bound by all its legislation, and yet what’s perfectly clear is henceforth we will have no influence whatsoever. And actually what I am getting from journalists all over Europe is Britain is now despised. So I think what will happen now, bank in the United Kingdom is we are about to launch into a very big national debate about whether we should be members of this union at all.

RT: If these countries are going to push on, can the 17 Euro nations solve this by themselves?

Farage: Listen. The word “solve” implies there is some easy solution. There isn’t. The Euro is a misconstruction. Countries like Greece and Portugal should never have joined it in the first place.

RT: Are you saying this could lead to a split in the union?

Farage: I think what we saw, in the early hours of this morning was the biggest split in the European Union in fifty years. The UK has been a member of this thing since 1973 and we are a big economy, we’re an important country, and whether David Cameron knows it or not, what he did last night was the first step towards the exit door.

RT: How easy would it be for those countries to convince their populations about facing tighter controls? What would the people think about all of this?

Farage: Believe you me. If we were to put this Euro package to the electorate of Greece, of Portugal, of Ireland, of Italy, of Spain, they would all say no. …. These electorates find themselves trapped inside an economic prison that is called the Euro. Their democracy has been stripped from them. My fear is the kind of civil disobedience and civil disorder that you have already sen on the streets of Greece will multiply. … If you are stuck in a bad marriage, the best thing to do is end the marriage and start again. I see no hope at all for the Greek economy, stuck inside this economic prison that is called the Euro.


Farage is 100% correct. If the UK is being push aside (and it is), Cameron should embrace being shoved aside and let Merkozy fend for themselves.

Thus, Cameron needs to put UK membership in the EU up for public vote, smashing the ball straight down Sarkozy’s throat.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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