In response to Attack Dogs Unleashed on Ron Paul; No Need to Rethink Endorsement; Plus Side of Attack Dogs I received many emails informing me that Ron Paul did not walk out of an interview with CNN with Gloria Borger.

The Daily Paul, posted the entire CNN interview that shows a much different picture than portrayed by Time and CNN.

Blatantly Biased Headline by Time Magazine

Play the video and you will see the interview was effectively over. Time Magazine posted a very slanted headline  Paul Walks Away.

Piling on the Nonsense

David Frum, CNN Contributor, piles on the nonsense Codger, crank or more?

It’s fair to say that almost no one who has followed the controversy believes that Paul is telling the truth about any of this. The authorship of the newsletters is an open secret in the libertarian world: they were produced by a community of writers led by Paul aides Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard, who wrote a newsletter of their own at the same time that expressed similar ideas in similar language. The racism of the newsletters — and the elaborate lying subsequently deployed to evade responsibility for the newsletters — say much about the ethics of Paul himself and the circle around him.

Fair to Say?!

It’s certainly not fair to make that claim. Can I see a poll please? Moreover, Libertarians do not hold the racial beliefs stated by David Frum.

If someone wants to talk about ethics, it’s just as easy for me to claim “It’s fair to say the vast majority of those following the Paul story understand that CNN writers like Gloria Borger, David Frum, and Wolf Blitzer do not care about the news, they only care about generating sensational headlines, any way they can. Moreover, CNN openly support wars, regardless of the ethics of war, because war is good for ratings.

I do believe that’s “fair to say”, although like David Frum I do not have a poll to prove it.

While on the theme of “fair to say” I would like to point out this comment made by “EasyRhino” to Frum on the CNN blog: “Keep in mind Frum is a 5 star chicken hawk who defended the invasion of Iraq and advocates regime change in Iran and Syria, everything Paul is against.

Contact CNN

I might also point out that it’s “fair to say” the CNN writers must be cowards because they do not have a direct way to contact them via email.

You can however, Send a General Email to CNN and let them know what you think of their reporting.

Attempts to Turn Non-News into News

This biased reporting of “walking away” is a case of news agencies attempting to “make news” where there is no news. Moreover, a couple of questions by Gloria Borger, including the question of returning money, were economically inane. There is no one to return money to, as Paul pointed out.

Still when pressured by Borger, Paul should have been more direct with something like “Sorry Gloria, things I did not say over 20 years ago and have explained to CNN a number of times are not meaningful and are not news, no matter how much you try to spin it so. What is relevant today is my position on the economy, on troops in Afghanistan, and on reducing the deficit, not things I never said, and more importantly never acted on in all my years in Congress.”

Six Reasons to Vote for Paul

  1. Paul is the only one for a balanced budget and a plan to get there
  2. the only one who would bring US troops home immediately
  3. the only one who would end the Fed
  4. the only one who believes in the free market
  5. the only one who believes gold should be money
  6. the only one who would dismantle entire government departments

As I have pointed out before, President Obama and Mitt Romney are Nearly One and the Same!

This is not a case of the lesser of two candidates, this is a case where one electable candidate and one electable candidate alone has a platform that makes sense.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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