When it comes to Ron Paul, many people pretend, with great indignation, that words not even said speak louder than actions. Jonathan Capehart writing for the Washington Post is such a person.

Before explaining further, first let’s watch a video.

Admittedly that is a political ad. So what?

Here is the key question: Is there any reason to doubt the events in the video? If so why? Assuming, the video true, is there any reason to believe there is a racist bone in Ron Paul’s body? Can the same be said for Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or even Barrack Obama?

Mind you, the video describes an action, one that shows true character at precisely the right time. Sadly, Jonathan Capehart does not give a damn about that, he would rather spread lies and innuendo.

Please consider Ron Paul deserves to be ‘blot out’.

The new ad from Revolution PAC is pretty powerful. James Williams, a black man, talks about his efforts to get medical attention for his pregnant white wife at a Texas hospital in the 1970s. The crescendo comes when a young doctor named Ron Paul broke through the indifference of the staff to give them the help they needed. Their baby would be stillborn. And Paul paid their medical expenses. Then Williams extols the virtues of Paul — his honesty and willingness to take on the establishment.

Truth is Indeed Powerful

Yes, Jonathan. The video is indeed powerful. The simple explanation is truth is always powerful. Lies and innuendo aren’t.

Nonetheless Capehart prefers to go on spreading innuendo.

Revolution PAC is hoping that a black man coming to the defense of Paul will blot out the controversy surrounding the Texas congressman and the racists statements polluting newsletters bearing his name in the 1980s and 1990s.

Paul, a man who wants to be entrusted with the presidency, owes the American people a clear accounting of how hatred came to be scribbled regularly in publications bearing his name and how he had no knowledge of it. His dismissive disavowal of the matter is beyond inadequate.

Nothing will satisfy Jonathan Capehart. That video proves it. How? Capehart embedded the video in his post.

It matters not to Capehart that Paul did not say the things attributed to him. All that matters to Capehart is that Paul’s name was associated with them. If Capehart is looking for racists, he ought to look in the mirror.

Only racists or fools (Capehart is both) can possibly believe that words not even said, are more important than actions!

Nonetheless, I thank Capehart. His article will be seen by thousands, and people will see Capehart for the racist fool he is.

Racist’s and fool’s minds are already made up. However, everyone else (and this is far more important) will see Ron Paul is not the racist that Capehart portrays him to be.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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