Unless it’s a “sure thing” the last thing politicians want is a voter referendum. Simply put, politicians never stand for democracy.

What voters want is a different thing: 72% of Irish Want Referendum on Fiscal Treaty

The Irish government faces intense pressure to hold a referendum on the eurozone fiscal treaty after a poll that showed almost three quarters of the public want a vote on the agreement.

In an opinion poll published on Sunday, 72 per cent of people surveyed said the treaty, which would tighten budget rules for the 17 countries sharing the euro, should go to a vote.

Some 40 per cent of the 1,000 people questioned in the Sunday Business Post/Red C poll said they would support the treaty, 36 per cent were opposed and 24 per cent were undecided.

Sinn Féin has threatened to challenge in the Irish Supreme Court any decision not to hold a referendum, a move that could plunge Europe into months of legal uncertainty.

Last week several leftwing groups, including Sinn Féin, the United Left Alliance, the Workers’ party, and Eirigi launched a “Campaign Against Austerity Treaty”, demanding the government hold a referendum.

Irish Prime Minister is a Disgrace

Enda Kenny, Irish prime minister, says he will only hold a referendum if “legally required”.

Here is a bit of history on Kenny.  He was swept into office in the wake of the global financial crisis. Voters were overwhelmingly opposed to bank bailouts and tossed out previous prime minister Brian Cowen in a massive landslide. It did not matter.

Kenny treated voters to more of the same. He entered agreements to bail out Eurozone banks, screwing Irish citizens in the process, just as Cowen had done.

Now, 72% of Irish citizens demand a referendum. Furthermore, every EU treaty since 1987 has been put to a vote.

Precedent alone says a referendum is “legally required”. More importantly Kenny is “morally obligated” to hold a referendum. However, don’t talk to politicians about morals, and don’t expect any either.

Enda Kenny is a moral and ethical disgrace.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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