As a temporary diversion from economic analysis, inquiring minds are watching an amazing video of swarming mini-drones.

Information Dissemination says UAV Swarms Will Change Warfare Forever

Global Guerrillas discusses Drones in the USA.

Global Guerrillas also discusses the slippery slope of assassinations in DRONES and US Internal Security

Previously, when thinking of killer drones people had images in mind of big extremely high flying predators such as this drone captured by Iran.

Mini-drones flying in organized patterns are a completely different thing.

Some of the ideas expressed in the above articles seem a bit far-fetched, such as swarms of tiny drones attacking ships.

Could they carry enough explosives? According to Wikepedia, it would take at least 4 kg of plutonium (about 8.8 pounds) to build a nuclear weapon, and that does not count housing. Other explosives would seem to be more of a nuisance to a big ship than anything else.

Thus thoughts of using mini-drones as explosive weapons may not be in the cards, but something substantially bigger, say a hundred pounds or so could conceivably work, and could easily be launched undetected a hundred miles out at sea, flying just above the water until it reached shore.

Mr. President, We Have a Drone Gap

Now, having wasted enormous amounts of money on researching and testing weapons shields in outer space, we can turn our thoughts to preparing for the invasion of swarms of yet to be announced killer nano-drones much smaller than the ones in that video. We also need to prepare for micro-drones capable of firing needle-sized poison darts, mini-drones such as one in the video able to fire a single bullet, and of course suitcase-sized drones capable of carrying nuclear bombs or firing a machine gun. Thus, the defense department obviously needs anti-drone drones at the nano-level, micro-level, mini-level, and suitcase-level.

To paraphrase a general in the movie Dr. Strangelove regarding an alleged mineshaft gap, “Mr. President, we have a drone gap“.

If you have not seen the movie, please do. It is one of my all-time favorites. The only missing ingredient now is for some nutcase to champion a drone-defense program as the best way to save the economy.

With those sarcastic thoughts out of the way, this drone-diversion is over. It’s time to get back to discussing financial Armageddon.


Inquiring minds may wish to watch these big brother videos on drones being used or tested by police.

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Military drones being used by Local Police

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