It’s time to bring home the troops, all of them, from every country where they do not belong (which is everywhere but home).

Instead, I am saddened to report a WTF moment on warmongering insanity: Canada wants military base in Germany

Canada plans to set up a military base in Germany under a deal that will allow the expanding Canadian military to increase its global reach.

The new “operational support hub” – along with others to be set up around the world – will allow Canada to deploy troops and supplies to distant hotspots on short notice, said a joint statement by the German and Canadian governments as German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere paid a visit to Ottawa.

It’s still not clear when the base at Cologne-Bonn Airport will be set up or how many Canadians will be there, although troop numbers will not approach the tens of thousands of Americans currently stationed in Germany.

De Maiziere told a press conference that he and his Canadian counterpart, Peter MacKay, are also discussing missile defence, the future of Afghanistan and the nuclear component of NATO defence capabilities – all topics of an upcoming NATO summit in Chicago in May.

According to the Canadian CBC television network, Germany and Canada have recently been expanding their defence cooperation as both countries grapple with prolonged military deployments to Afghanistan.

The Canadians have experimented with setting up temporary logistics hubs in Germany to support their Afghanistan mission – one successful such venture was recently launched alongside the American military in Spangdahlem, Rhineland-Palatinate.

From Temporary to Permanent Insanity 

Canada has gone from temporary insanity to a more permanent form thereof, though not as bad as the US which has troops in 140 countries.

Here are a few comments to the article that I agree with …

  1. Supernova says: W*T*F every creep from NA want their crappy basis in Germany. Go do your military exercise on glaciers that were given to you. Get the hell out of DE!
  2. Sebastian says: As a dual citizen, Germany/Canadian I think they should keep the military out.
  3. Carlm says: What are those Canadians thinking, eh? Let the Germans fend for themselves, they’ve got the money and the know how to do the job, if they choose. But why would they when others, namely the US, are dumb enough to do it for them.
  4. Christopheuk25 says: The Americans have about 80.0000 troops in Germany the UK yes remember them they still have 22,000 troops in Germany. There may be some French troops still in Germany though what good they would be is anyone’s guess. The cost to keep US and UK troops in Germany for defense is astronomical to both countries especially in these serious economic times.

Looks like Canada could use a Ron Paul type candidate as well. On second thought, every country in the entire world does. Indeed, the world would be a safer place and taxpayers everywhere would have more money in their pockets instead of feeding the military complex.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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