Secessionist Candidates are about to dominate the next election according to recent polls in Catalonia.

My friend Bran totals the polls up this way.

  • Corvergencia and Union goes from 62 seats to 65 or 66 (Independence)
  • ERC aumenta from 10 to 16 (Independence)
  • SI from 0 to 4 (Independence)
  • ICV-EUiA pasa from 10 to 12-14 (Moderate – more federalism , not rule out independence)
  • PSC drops from 28 to 18 (No independence)
  • PP drops from 18 to 17 (No independence)
  • Ciutadans from 3 to 6 (No independence )

Moreover, although the PSC is against secession, the party wants to amend the Constitution to recognize the right of Calatanes decide.

The leader of the PSC, Pere Navarro, has said that his party is a third way between the “centrality of PP and Artur Mas reckless prophecy “of independence.

Navarro wants to recognize the right of the people to decide. In light of his statements likening independence with recklessness, I have to ask “decide what?”

Here is the count as I see it.

It seems there are 85-86 solid votes for independence, 12-14 votes wavering, 23 solid no votes, and 18 no votes yet supporting some sort of constitutional reforms.

The score is 85 minimum for independence vs. 55+- other, even if you count the ICV votes as No independence.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock