In Greece, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras coalition has split. The result is yet another delay in an austerity vote required for the next tranche of loans to Greece, and the PM warns of ‘chaos’.

Greece’s conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is at odds with the Democratic Left party, a coalition partner, which is threatening to vote against the new austerity measures unless labor reforms included in them are scrapped.

Samaras formed a coalition with the traditional rival Socialists and the Democratic Left after general elections in June. In a statement, the prime minister said he had “exhausted all the available time” to try and reach a consensus.

“The problem is not whether we (introduce) this measure or that measure. On the contrary: It is what we would do if no agreement is reached and the country is led into chaos.”

Unemployment in Greece has topped 25 percent, with rapidly worsening poverty that has prompted the Democratic Left to harden its position.

“There are certain issues for us that are fundamental — like labor issues,” Theodoros Margaritis, a senior member of the Democratic Left party, told private Skai television. “The dilemma is with Mr. Samaras. Does he want a left-wing party in his government or not? Does he want our consent on certain issues or does he want to proceed alone? If he wants, he may proceed alone.”

Cracks in Greece’s coalition government are likely to be tested late Tuesday when lawmakers are set to vote on a privatization bill. The new law would give the government broader powers to privatize public utilities, but is facing growing dissent from deputies in the Socialist party and Democratic Left.

Another Puppet Show or Is This For Real?  

Is the inevitable about to happen or is this simply another puppet show for the masses?

Having seen so many puppet shows only to see the leftist puppets succumb to warnings of chaos or worse, I simply do not know.

However, when this coalition finally does splinter to smithereens, the radical left will win the next election and promptly tell the Troika to go to hell.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock