I have unwaveringly stated I will not vote for either president Obama or Mitt Romney. That position has not changed.

I wrote about that point of view on September 19 in QE to Infinity and Beyond; Mish for President?

In response, I received quite a few emails from people stating they would indeed write in “Mish” for president.

I deeply appreciate the support. However, here we are on election eve (or election morning depending on your time zone), and I need to tell you something slightly different.

The reason is not all states count write-in votes. For example, in Illinois, write in votes are only counted if someone declares write-in candidacy via a specific date.

I missed the Illinois deadline. I also missed any other such deadlines in other states as well.

Stand Up and Be Counted

So as much as I appreciate the support, I have to advise, that if you want your vote to be counted, you likely have to vote for an official candidate.

Sadly, that means you cannot vote for Ron Paul, for me, for yourself, or anyone other than an official declared and filed candidate.

Dissatisfied With Obama and Mitt Romney?

Are you disastified with the mainstream Republican and Democratic candidates?

If so, I wonder if you are not in the majority. Yet, people will foolishly vote for one or the other on the misguided grounds of “lesser of two evils”.

Reflections on “Lesser of Two Evils”

Here is my basic thought. If you keep voting for the lesser of two evils, then you will continually be presented with two evil choices! (Use your own definition of evil).

Does either of these candidates represent mainstream US thinking? I think not. So why not opt out of such choices?

Here’s the deal. In all but a handful of states, the election has already been satisfied. For example, if you live in California you may as well piss in the wind as to go vote for Mitt Romney.

Likewise, if you live in Montana, a vote for Obama is a wasted vote. So why do it?

Don’t Throw Your Vote Away

My friend Arkady “Ari” Kamenetsky on the Right Condition blog suggests the same thing in his article Why voting third party is exactly the opposite of throwing your vote away.

Ari posts an amusing flowchart leading voters to a choice that says vote for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. The flowchart has some mathematical flaws (such as infinite loop connections that cannot be resolved), yet his article is a sound one.

Specifically Ari asks … “Are you tired of the two party system?  Are you tired that every 4 years the choice becomes less and less obvious?   Are you tired of voting for the same big spending, big military, big prohibition, less rights and more intervention party?  Do you even believe that there are two parties anymore?  Unless your entire political concern lies somewhere in the abortion/religion/homosexuality triangle then you are probably yearning for more.

Well my answer to Ari’s first question is “yes”. I am indeed tired of the choices presented. I wrote in Ron Paul in the last two elections and was going to write in “Mish” for this one.

However, I want my vote to be counted. Therefore, I am going to vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Gary Earl Johnson is an American businessman, a former Governor of New Mexico, and the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

Several months ago I took a survey that showed I had 96% of my views in common with Ron Paul and 95% in common with Gary Johnson.

Clearly I have 100% of my views in common with myself, but 95% is good enough.

Even if you have far less in common with Johnson, if you live in a decided state, then you have nothing to lose by voting for him, and everything to gain.

If you do not like either Obama or Romney, please consider a protest vote for Johnson because that will be counted but a vote for Mish may not be.

Apologies if you did not see this in time. I meant for this post to go out much sooner.

Don’t Throw Your Love (or your vote) Away

I offer this musical tribute for your vote.

Link if the above video does not play: The Searchers – Don’t Throw Your Love Away

Election Night Coverage With Mish on National Radio

Regardless of the outcome, I will be on Coast-to-Coast national syndicated radio with George Noory to discuss the election results and the impact on the stock market and jobs.

The broadcast starts at midnight Central, 10 PM Pacific.

Click here for a station in your area, many of which have an internet broadcast feed, even if none are close by.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock