The following story proves what common sense has long ago suggested, that unions have outlived any possible usefulness and they are also hugely counterproductive to the goal of getting any work done.

Please consider the Detroit News article Chrysler reinstates 13 workers fired for drinking on job.

Chrysler Group LLC says it was forced to reinstate 13 workers who were fired from its Jefferson North Assembly Plant two years ago after being filmed by a local television station drinking and smoking what the network suggested was a controlled substance before and during work.

“The workers followed the grievance procedure process outlined in the collective bargaining agreement between Chrysler and the United Auto Workers. The company denied all of the grievances, leading us to arbitrate the matter,” wrote Scott Garberding, vice president of manufacturing at Chrysler, on a company blog Monday. “After more than two years, an arbitrator decided in the workers’ favor, citing insufficient conclusive evidence to uphold the dismissals. This was a decision that Chrysler Group does not agree with.”

Questioning “Conclusive Evidence”

Since when does a film of workers drinking and smoking pot on the job not constitute “conclusive evidence”?

I have the answer. Collective bargaining rules dictate arbitration, typically in a manner highly favorable to the union.

Keep in mind that the mission of the union is to protect the drunks, the drug addicts, the sluggards, and the rule violators from dismissal.


That’s easy. Because the more inept workers the union can keep employed, the more union workers will be required to do the job. The more union workers there are, the more union dues are collected.

It’s really that simple.

The corollary is union pay scales reflect longevity, not production. If one-year employee Johnny B Goode can produce 10 times as much output as Johnny No-Longer-Gives-a-Damn, it’s simply too bad for Johnny B Goode.

What matters most to the union is keeping Johnny No-Longer-Gives-a-Damn employed. If anything, union pressure will be applied on Johnny B Goode to not produce as much, so management will not expect as much from everyone else.

This absurd Chrysler ruling is part of a continual pattern that shows without a doubt, collective bargaining needs to go.

Musical Tribute

Let’s go “back to the future” for a musical tribute.

Link if video does not play: Marty McFly with the Starlighters “Johnny B. Goode”

Mike “Mish” Shedlock