Yesterday I heard rumors that Capital Account, hosted by Lauren Lyster had been cancelled. Some websites had posted that.

Actually, the show was not cancelled. Rather, Lauren accepted an offer to work for Yahoo!Finance in New York.

Because of her incredible talent, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone snatched her away from RT.

I positioned the YouTube clip below at 25:58 so you can watch her announcement.

As a frequent guest on Capital Account, I will miss the show. However, it is time for her and producer Demetri Kofinas to move on to bigger and better things in New York.

Although Lauren will no longer be on Capital Account, we will see her smiling face back in action soon enough, challenging conventional non-wisdom as she does so well.

Lauren, I wish you well in your new role at Yahoo!Finance.

Here is a Tweet on Yahoo!Finance Daily Ticker from Lauren.

Lauren Lyster ‏@LaurenLyster Starting next week, you can see me as a co-host of the #DailyTicker @YahooFinance! Very excited to join the team!!

Mike “Mish” Shedlock