The indignation of citizens over payouts and graft in Spain is highlighted by a flood of protests on Spanish social networks. A campaign on, a platform with 25 million registered has collected a record 500,000 signatures calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Marinao Rajoy.

Via Google translate from El Pais, please consider 500,000 People Sign Petition Asking Prime Minister Rajoy to Resign.

The indignation of the public by publication in the country of the secret papers of the PP extesoreros, reflecting payments to the party leadership, is flooding social networks with messages calling responsibilities to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. appear together under tags like # Rajoydimisión or # quesevayantodos , in addition to the proposal for this diary # lospapelesdebárcena s. This wave of criticism also translates into hundreds of thousands of citizens (over 500,000 in just over a day) have signed a petition asking for “the resignation of the leadership of the PP”, including Rajoy, and “all who have received payments in black money “.

“I wish we lived in a democracy and could revoke the government for not fulfilling its election and alleged corruption cases like this,” explains Pablo Gallego , petition drives the platform . This 24 year old from Cadiz that their initiative is collecting 40,000 signatures per hour, a pace that, if continued throughout the day, could mean reaching one million accessions this Saturday.

If that number is reached, Gallego with messages intended to go to the national headquarters of the PP in Madrid.

Tipping Point

As I have said repeatedly, one never knows when the tipping point is. However, given the combination of massive government corruption coupled with unemployment of 26.6% and youth unemployment of 56%, it is certain the tipping point will indeed be reached.

For more on the scandal and what the prime minister is doing to suppress reporting of the corruption, please see Big Brother in Action: EU Wants Power to Sack Journalists; Prime Minister Rajoy Threatens Newspapers Following Corruption Articles.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock