I invite you to listen to senator Rand Paul’s response to president Obama’s misguided agenda as delivered in the president’s State of the Union Address.

Specifically Rand Paul says …

  • Democrats believe that the government is the economic answer to all our economic and social ills. [Rand Paul doesn’t believe government is the answer, nor do I]
  • The debt hangs like a sword of Damocles, reminding Obama that he cannot pursue his liberal agenda without raising taxes or bankrupting the country. [Agreed]
  • We are sick and tired of hearing why a program is wanted but not how we are going to pay for it. [Agreed]
  • Even without Obamacare, Medicare and social security are threatened by the demographics of the baby boomers. Within a few years we will go from 42 million seniors to 77 million seniors in the space of a few years. [Agreed]
  • Obama by his nature is a progressive, a believer that government is the answer, that the elite few can make society better if only they had enough money. [Agreed]
  • Obama believes that stimulus would work if only government had more taxpayer money to spend. No matter that stimulus spent $400,000 per job created. [Agreed]
  • Let us hope the debt crisis will be managed before we destroy this great country, before we destroy our currency, before we destroy the dream we hope to pass on to our kids and our grandkids. [Agreed]

Paul concludes with a message “We believe that government is the problem and not the solution“. I endorse Rand Paul’s message 100%.

For my specific blasting of Obama’s SOTU address, please see Hot Air and No Substance; Obama’s Plan to Destroy Jobs “Won’t Cost a Dime”

Mike “Mish” Shedlock