The amusing story of a letter from the CEO of Titan, regarding the unproductive nature of French workers, continues.

For background please see Incredible Letter from CEO of Titan to France Minister of Industrial Renewal, Blasting French Unions and USA: “How Stupid Do You Think We Are?”

I was pleased to beat all major English press outlets to the story and was able to do so because the letter from Titan to Montebourg was in English, but in image form, and posted on a French news site.

Today I have Montebourg’s response EXCLUSIVE Titan Montebourg promises’ redoubled zeal, French customs also posted on Les Echo.

However, Montebourg’s response is in French and in image form. If a reader cares to submit an accurate translation, I will gladly post it. I expect it will be humorous.

Anyone willing?

Here is a Google translation of the Les Echos article, but it only gives a brief description of Montebourg’s response.

‘Les Echos’ have obtained a copy of the Minister’s response recovery productive vitriolic letter addressed to him by Maurice Taylor, CEO of Titan International. Arnaud Montebourg denounces the remarks “ridiculous than offensive,” talks about La Fayette, the Normandy landings and Barack Obama.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock