Finger-pointing and fear-mongering over trivial budget non-cuts are now in full swing. Obama is blaming House speaker John Boehner and of course Boehner is blaming Obama.

Of the more ridiculous hype, Obama asserts “Navy ships could lie idle and children would lose out on vaccinations if the cuts are not halted.


Mainstream Media Nonsense

Cooler Heads vs. Mainstream Media

Cooler heads prevail in non-mainstream media reports such as that of friend Tim Wallace as noted in Media Hype Over Sequester Cuts

Cooler heads also prevail in a NBC/WSJ Poll that shows “A majority of Americans (53%) prefer that Congress move ahead with the current sequester cuts or a plan that contains even more cuts, suggesting the public’s general appetite for reducing spending.”

Blame Game Campaign

Getting the media all hyped up over trivial “non-cuts” is all part of Obama’s “Blame Game” Campaign. To be fair, Republicans have countered with their own campaign.

With those thoughts, I have a musical tribute to offer.

Musical Tribute to Shirley Ellis

Come on everybody!
I say now let’s play a game
I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody’s name


Obama, Obama, bo Ama, Bonana fanna fo Fobama
Fee fy mo Mobama, Obama!

Everybody do Boehner
Boehner, Boehner, bo Oenner,  Bonana fanna fo Foehner
Fee fy mo Moehner,  Boehner!

Link if above video does not play: Shirley Ellis “The Name Game” (Merv Griffin Show 1965)

Let’s do Chuck

I will let readers work out the “Name Game” rhyme to Chuck (or Buck) on their own accord. Suffice to say that a couple words appear that represent the true state of the economy.

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