The Wine County Conference was a big success. We had about 90 attendees counting speakers and guests. All of the speakers gave excellent talks and presentations.

Conference Speakers

  • John P. Hussman
  • Michael Pettis
  • James Chanos
  • John Mauldin
  • Chris Martenson 
  • Mish

It was certainly a heroic effort for Michael Pettis to fly in from China for the event. People came from Sweden, Brazil, Canada, and of course China. So this was an international event.

Speaker interviews with Lauren Lyster will appear on Yahoo! Finance Daily Ticker starting next week.  Those interview segments may not overlap the speeches.

Some speaker presentations, typically PowerPoint, will also be available in perhaps a week or so.

We may make this an annual event. If so, next year’s proceeds will go to support autism. John Hussman has a son with severe autism. 

I will have an exact accounting later, but the conference, the raffle, the Chase Facebook contest, and donations, and the Hussman Foundation’s generous matching $100,000 grant all totaled brought in close to $500,000 for the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

You can still make a donation of any size. If you do, just specify “Mish Campaign” on the donation, and your donation will go to research.

Thanks to everyone who attended, bought raffle tickets, or made a donation. Special thanks to all the speakers and those who helped organize the conference.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock