Yahoo! Finance presents another video interview from the Wine Country Conference. This one is an interview of John Hussman by Lauren Lyster: U.S. Stock Market Is “Overvalued, Overbought and Overbullish“.

Fund manager John Hussman wrote in a recent weekly market commentary, “the real hook, in my view, is the absence of a bubble in any individual sector, and instead a bubble in profit margins across the entire corporate sector.”

“Even marginal improvements in the federal deficit and in household savings, which are necessary because of the debt burdens households have taken on…we are likely to see -12% earnings growth annualized over the next three to four years – in other words substantial weakness in corporate profits,” Hussman tells The Daily Ticker. We sat down with him at the 2013 Wine Country Conference benefiting the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

Click on the first link to play the interview.

Why Prospective Returns Are Low

Robert Huebscher at Advisor Perspectives put together an outstanding PDF synopsis of Hussman’s presentation at the conference.

Please see Why Prospective Returns Are Low for Huebscher’s synopsis of Hussman’s presentation.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock