With rising unemployment, rising taxes, a slumping economy, and with Hollande’s threats of pension reform (when the socialists in France still believe mightily in the free lunch), it should not be surprising to discover Hollande’s popularity reaches new low.

From Eurointelligence

Francois Hollande’s popularity reached a new low point in the CSA polls in June, with only 28% trusting him to confront efficiently today’s problems against 68% who have no trust in him at all, Les Echos reports. His prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault follows the same trend: 25% positive against 67% negative votes of confidence. While analysts blamed the continued rise in unemployment, the government’s family benefit cuts and the upcoming pension reform for this. The circle around Hollande defends him saying it is the crisis to blame. Hollande lost support of his classical electorate, workers, employees, pensioners and civil servants. 

The worst for Hollande and France is yet to come.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock