In Second Biggest US Landlord, Owner of 20,000 Homes, Terminates 15% of Staff Following Loss I inadvertently made this comment about American Homes 4 Rent: “56% of their properties are not rented and the group still wants to spend $100 million a month to buy 800-1000 more homes.”

A careful reader noted that it is 56% of the homes rented, and thus 44% not rented. Apologies offered.

I posted this correction.


I originally posted “56% of their properties are not rented”. The person who caught my typo, said “I would be worried silly if only 56% of my properties were rented”.

Not to worry, this is OPM (Other People’s Money) American Homes 4 Rent is playing with. I am sure the CEO and executive staff of AMH will do quite well no matter what happens, even if AMH goes bust and takes down all the investors in the process.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock