UK Will Not Join War Against Syria

Yesterday UK Prime Minister David Cameron Lost House of Commons Vote on Syria.

Western efforts to co-ordinate action against the Assad regime in Syria over charges of chemical attacks against civilians were dealt a blow on Thursday night when UK prime minister David Cameron lost a vote in the House of Commons on the issue.

After the vote Mr Cameron said: “It’s clear to me that the British parliament and the British people do not wish to see military action; I get that, and I will act accordingly.”

Mr Cameron had already had to backtrack on his initial plan to secure parliamentary approval for intervention on Thursday in the face of widespread opposition.

Financial Times Warmongers Pounced Quickly

Today, the Financial Times warmongers and interventionists whined The Syria vote brings to an end decades of delusion

This week’s events will have an impact. They will strengthen a rising US perception that Britain is an ally pulling back from the world. Mr Cameron’s decision to call a referendum on EU membership fits this picture. Why would Britain weaken itself further by disengaging from Europe?

There lies the danger. It is one thing for Britain to confront reality. In its own way, the US has been doing the same by rationing its interventions in the Middle East. But, even as a diminished power, Britain still has something worthwhile to offer in helping to sustain global order.

There were good arguments for, as well as against, acting to deter Mr Assad’s regime from using chemical weapons. For all the cuts, Britain still has a sizeable military, a first-rate diplomatic service and a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. To leave behind the delusions that were the legacy of empire should not be to pull up the drawbridge against a dangerous world.

France Stands Firm

France 24 News reports France stands firm on Syria despite shock UK vote

France has not changed its position on a possible military intervention in Syria, President François Hollande said on Friday, following a vote in Britain’s parliament against the motion.

Hollande told French daily Le Monde in an interview that he supported taking “firm” punitive action in response to a Syrian chemical weapon attack he said had caused “irreparable” harm, adding that he would work closely with France’s allies to punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Mercy! Freedom Fries are Out.
The White House will again serve French Fries and French Toast.

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