It’s no secret that congressional approval ratings are at near record lows. But what do people think of their own representatives?

Please consider Congress’ Job Approval Falls to 11% Amid Gov’t Shutdown

As Congress’ inability to agree on compromises that would reopen the partially shut-down government and raise the looming debt ceiling continues, Americans give Congress an 11% job approval rating, down eight percentage points from last month and one point above the worst rating in Gallup history.

Question: Do you approve or disapprove the way Congress is handling its job?

The drop in Congress’ approval rating is fueled in large part by Democrats’ declining approval of Congress — from 20% in September to 5% in October. Approval ratings among Republicans and independents have also fallen, but by much smaller margins. The big drop in Democrats’ approval of Congress most certainly reflects Democrats’ negative views of the Republican-controlled House, in which leadership has publicly demanded that the president and Democrats in Congress agree to changes in the Affordable Care Act as a condition for passing a continuing resolution or a budget. Overall, however, approval of Congress is very low across all partisan groups.

Question: Do you approve or disapprove the way the representative from your congressional district is handling his or her job?

Bums? What Bums? 

People are clearly fed up with the “bums” in Congress but they keep reelecting them anyway.

Why? Because Congress has hoodwinked voters in their own district into believing everyone “else” is to blame.

Even still, support for voter’s own representatives is at a record low.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock