On charges of “insulting the president“, thirty policemen arrested the founder of the French website “http://hollande-démission.fr/” last week and impounded his car according to a translation from Les Observateurs.

The website owner and four passengers were detained for 16 hours. “Démission” means resignation.

Here is a translated excerpt from the “hollande-démission” site that got the website owner arrested.

You get the feeling that things go wrong in France!
You want to change for a better future!
You also want to make your voice heard!
Together, we create movement!

Enter the site Hollande-Resignation to view and / or sign the petition.
Demand the resignation of François Hollande presidency!

  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland has given France a bad image abroad, by deceiving the public on the history of a country, ignoring the respect for local customs.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland have neither national stature or international and does not even have sincere cohesion within his government.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland is not be the president of a people, but a Party of lobbies.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland to impose such visions forgetting the people, and promised reforms and expected while unemployment continues to rise, that pensions will soon have to be paid.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland to take no reform to the country’s economic recovery sustainably and stable.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland has ruined FRANCE with taxes and waste

We the people have goals and know perfectly well that there is little chance that François Hollande is found guilty but his dismissal would prevent other disasters or worsening an already critical situation.
Also, we the people, solemnly ask our members to act on our behalf as they have to do to stop the economic, moral and intellectual recession in France fault relaunch growth.

So we create this petition must collect as many signatures so that our members listen and act as they should for our good, for the People.

Sign Our Petition
To encourage our members to submit a referendum initiative of Shared
Finally remove the current President of the Republic, François Hollande, for the good of the People. “

Sign the petition

Imagine being arrested for circulating a petition asking Obama to resign. Is it that far-fetched?

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