Via translation from Les Echos, inquiring minds may be interested to note Holland wants to “get things done” in 2014 by decree or order, not by passing laws.

The first cabinet meeting of the year was held on Friday. François Hollande recalled the objective of reducing public deficits, without new taxes.

To get things done despite a 2014 parliamentary calendar constrained by elections (local and European), Hollande called on ministers to pass laws only when strictly necessary, and to advance policy in other ways: by decrees or orders, said Najat Belkacem-Vallaud, minister of women’s rights and governments spokesperson, leaving the first Council of Ministers.

The decree is an instrument made ​​by the President or the Prime Minister, which specifies the conditions for the application of a law.

The order is mentioned in the Article 38 of the Constitution: “the Government may, for the implementation of its program, ask Parliament for permission to make orders for a limited time, measures that are normally the domain of the law.” An order comes into force upon its publication, but gets legislative value when it is ratified by Parliament.

Well, let’s just issue orders, then hope parliament gives legislative approval later.

Two Questions

  1. Was president Obama inspired by Hollande or was Hollande inspired by Obama? 
  2. Why have parliament, or Congress, if this is the ways the legislative process works?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock