Via translation from Libre Mercado, the city council of Barcelona, Spain proposes €100,000 Fine on Owners of Empty Homes.

The City Council will fine owners of empty homes up to 100,000 euros. The proposal by the City Council commits the government to detect unused homes, starting with the banks.

The statement also reflects the Council’s commitment to initiate disciplinary proceedings which could end up with three fines “of up to 100,000 euros” if homes remain empty. The municipality of Barcelona draw “Inspection Programs to detect, check and effects pointing this statement, in order to guarantee the right to housing of the population and to address the housing emergency.”

With this measure, Barcelona joins other municipalities that have already approved the proposal of the PAH as Gerona, Tarrassa or Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

Scramble For Renters On

To get around this idiotic law, banks and other landlords will either have to tear down houses or quickly dump them at distressed prices. Both of those things will compound the difficulties of already stressed banks.

Alternatively, banks, other landlords, and owners of vacations homes will enter a mad scramble to find renters, at any price, to get around the occupancy restriction. An avoidance maneuver of that kind would stress rent prices and rental landlords.

Clearly, this is another one of those too stupid to make up ideas.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock