In yet another episode of truth is stranger than fiction, via translation from El Economista, I present “Venezuela President Calls for Protest March Against Fascism

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has again invited his people to take to the streets Saturday in a march “for peace and against fascism.”

Mature blames his opponents for violence in recent demonstrations, in which there were three deaths last Wednesday.

The president stated that violent demonstrations are part of a plan to end its power, similar to what occurred recently in Ukraine.

Maduro is calling for a march of all social policies for peace and against fascism forces. “I call all the people of Caracas to join the protest march against fascism , against violence, against the coup,” said the president.

Maduro made ​​the remarks in a meeting with his Cabinet that could be followed on radio and television all Venezuelans. The President took the opportunity to launch an attack on the opposition, accusing it of organizing the violent events that have taken place this week in order to overthrow him.

He said that behind these movements are “the same financiers who live by their imperialist policy to penetrate, control the world.”

Maduro said that justice will be done and those responsible will be caught “one by one ” and called on the opposition to “take responsibility without blackmail, with courage.”

Am I mistaken or did Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro just call for a protest march against himself?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock