Here’s a story too funny to not report.

In a field of five, no Democrat senatorial candidate received 50% of the votes in yesterday’s Texas primary. As a result, Kesha Rogers is in a runoff with David Alameel on May 27.

Rogers will not stand a chance in the runoff as the party will do everything to stop her because her views are “Democratically bizarre” to say the least.

According to The Hill

Rogers supports impeaching President Obama, repealing ObamaCare and “crushing Wall Street.”  She also advocates the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act to limit securities trading, and has a detailed plan for space exploration and harnessing thermonuclear fusion energy. In the past, she’s drawn Hitler mustaches on Obama posters and likened ObamaCare to practices of Nazi doctors.

Other Interesting Texas Primary Results

In the Texas GOP primary 95% want welfare drug testing and 97% want to repeal Obamacare.

Thoughts on Welfare Drug Testing

Welfare drug testing is the wrong way to go. The last thing we need is another government program to do anything.

I expect it would cost more to administer than it would save in reduced payouts. Besides, it would hurt kids in poor families whose parents happen to be using drugs.

Instead, I make a commonsense proposal on food stamps.

Mish SNAP Proposal

  • Prohibit food stamp purchases of potato chips, snacks, soft drinks, candy, pizza, frozen foods of any kind except juice.
  • Limit food stamp users to generic (store brand vs. name brand) dried beans, rice, peanut butter, pasta, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, frozen (not bottled) juice, canned vegetables, canned soup, soda crackers, poultry, ground beef, bread, cheese, powdered milk, eggs, margarine, and general baking goods (flour, sugar, spices).
  • Calculate a healthy diet based on current prices, number in the family, ages of recipients, and base food stamps allotments on that diet.
  • In the interest of health and cleanliness, expand the food stamp program to include generic soap and laundry products.

My proposal will not only lower the cost of the food stamp program, the resultant healthier diets would lower Medicaid and Medicare costs as well.

Moreover, my proposal would give people a strong incentive to get off the food stamp program without intrusive, costly big-brother ideas like drug testing which cannot possibly work for the simple reason that anyone who fails will steal to get food rather than starve.

For further discussion, please see States Circumvent Food Stamp Cutbacks; Draconian Cuts “Much Ado About Nothing”

Mike “Mish” Shedlock