Every day numerous people send links to articles, edit my typos, comment on the blog, monitor comments on my blog, translate articles, etc.

It’s a community and I appreciate the global involvement and global help.

Each day I get between 50 and 200 emails from readers. I respond to most of them. But even though I spend 2 hours or more every day reading and answering emails, I cannot respond to all of them.

Frequently, I offer a one word response: thanks.

That does not do justice to how I feel, especially to those who send something every day or nearly every day.

Unlike other bloggers, I seldom offer “hat tips” and the reason is simple. I tend to read emails LIFO (last in first out), and most often when someone sends me a link, another person already has.

So here is my word of thanks. But I also need to do more. For those who contribute every day, I need to offer special thanks.

Spell Checkers

I have three mainstay spell checkers: Randy, Curt, and Mark. What one of them misses, another one of them will catch. The only problem is how long it takes me to find the email pointing out my error. Typically it’s not spelling per se, as I spellcheck myself, but rather stuff like saying “an” when I mean “and” or vice versa. When you proof your own article you do not see such things.


I am going to get in trouble over this one because I am sure to leave someone out. Apologies offered in advance.

Every day I get emails from Bran in Spain. Every day, Richard sends numerous links I consider writing about. So does Mark the spellchecker.

Tony, Brisbane Bear, Bigpond, and Hugh send frequent emails about Australia and Asia. Many others, including Dave, Bob, Joe, Tony, Donald, and Mayraj send so much content that it’s hard for me to know where to stop listing names.

Blog Monitoring

I have one person, “fedwatcher”, who monitors comments and removes anything inappropriate.

I hope I touched all the bases here, but most likely I didn’t. If I missed your name, please accept my apology.



A huge word of thanks to reader Tim Wallace who has provided countless charts on labor force, demographics, and energy.

Also a belated thanks to the following:

  • Reader “AC” who is from Italy but now lives in France for analysis of Italian and French politics as well as links and translations.  
  • Reader Jan who has provided  European debt analysis on many occasions
  • Reader Bernd from Germany for his insights on German politics
  • A close friend “BC” for numerous links and daily email exchanges
  • Doug Short at Advisor Perspectives for graphing ideas of mine as they come up

It’s an international community and I am certain still more names are missing. Thanks to all.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock