Crimea returns to Russia It’s a done deal. Nothing can be done about it. An Exit poll shows Crimeans Choose to Join Russia in Vote

A majority of Crimeans chose to join Russia in a disputed referendum, exit polls showed, deepening the worst crisis between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War.

A total of 93 percent voted today in favor of leaving Ukraine to become part of Russia, the Republican Institute of Social and Political Studies said, citing exit polls from the vote in the Black Sea peninsula. The Ukrainian government, the European Union and the U.S. all consider the referendum illegal. About 1.5 million Crimean voters were eligible to take part, according to the region’s prime minister.

Goodbye Hryvnia, Hello Ruble

Crimea will switch to the Russian ruble and abandon Ukraine’s hryvnia on April 1, RIA Novosti cited Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliev as saying today.

McCain Wants Military Aid for Ukraine

The US senate’s head-warmonger, John McCain said Obama is giving “serious consideration” to sending military aid to Ukraine. Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, in an ABC interview, said the U.S. should pass “crippling sanctions” on Russia and help Ukraine rebuild its armed forces.

Biden Promotes US as World’s Policeman

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will travel to NATO members Poland and Lithuania tomorrow for talks on Ukraine, according to a White House statement. The Pentagon said last week it would send 12 F-16 aircraft to Poland as a sign of U.S. commitment to defend allies in the region; the U.S. previously sent six fighter jets to Lithuania.

Do US citizens support wasting tax dollars sending Aircraft to Poland? Of course not. Does McCain or the Republicans care about balancing the budget? Of course not?

Did Obama take down Guantanamo Bay, get all US troops out of Afghanistan or Iraq? Of course not.

In case you missed it, please see President Obama is the Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated on US Citizens (Fantastic Carey Wedler Video)

Support for war, spying, and for the US to waste money being the world’s policeman is rampant in Congress, deficits be damned. But hey, don’t worry Ukraine and Russia Agree to a 5-Day Truce.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock