In response to Mish Reader Who Speaks Russian and Reads Ukrainian Updates the Situation in Ukraine, Reader Larry writes “Thank you for this vital news. Please encourage your friend Jacob to keep it coming.

Unfortunately, the news is not good. Jacob emailed today …

At least one, possibly two Ukrainian warplanes attacked central Lugansk city this morning. The main target seemed to be the rebel-held regional government building (keep in mind, there are plenty of civilians working there, doing their regular jobs.) However, the rockets went flying all over the place. At least one hit a park near the government building (see below). At least one hit a road near the government building and a number of civilians were killed on a sidewalk just outside the building (photos of fatalities, further below.)

Jacob Dreizin

Questions of the Day

  1. Is this really the solution?
  2. If the separatists killed innocent civilians, would it be all over the news?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock