US News has an interesting article on using robots to park cars at an airport in  Duesseldorf, Germany.

You can schedule an appointment with “Ray”, your parking robot, via smartphone or simply by leaving your car in a designated spot.

“Ray” Your Parking Robot

AP Photo/dpa, Federico Gambarini

US News comments on the “Uncanny Valet

  • Ray can carry any standard car weighing up to 3 metric tons (3.31 tons) 
  • 249 parking spaces are reserved for robots
  • The service costs 29 euros a day and targets business travelers but is open to anyone

Ray’s forklift method (with the car turned off) circumvents the need for an exchange of keys with a human attendant. I suspect this will quickly catch on at any airport or auto garage offering valet parking.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock