It Fits 

Reader Eric comments “It is amazing what internet, twitter, etc. has done for the pursuit of truth.  Here is an individual who shows where the piece fits on the plane.

From @ErzaBraam

The Piece

For a report on the piece, please see Photo of MH17 Wreckage Proves Missile Attack

Contrary to popular belief this does not prove MH17 was brought down by a Buk. Rather, the image is consistent with a missile explosion from outside the plane, not a crash, and not a bomb exploding inside.

The damage could be from a Buk, and is likely a Buk, but my understanding is that it could also be an air-to-air missile of a similar nature. If a military expert can state 100% otherwise, I would be happy to reconsider.

Debunking the Debunk of the Debunk

Several people sent me an email that allegedly debunks my debunk of a Reuters story regarding rebel admission of Buk possession. For background, please see Reuters Debunked: Khodakovsky Denies Interview Aspects.

The alleged debunk of my debunk is a Radio Free Europe Clip.

The audio clip is not embeddable,  so click on the preceding link to play.

Reader Ilya commented “Show this to your Russian speaking propaganda zombie.” That ridiculous comment was in regards to Jacob Dreizin, a US citizen who speaks Russian and reads Ukrainian, and whose analysis I sometimes use.

I did show it to Dreizin and we both laughed out loud. This is my response …

Believe a short clip by Radio Free Europe, a US propaganda site? When some of  the clip is barely audible,  and sounds like it was spliced together out of context?

Please be serious.

But hey, I am a fair guy. If Reuters wants to publish the entire interview, so we can hear the pauses, the context, and all other aspects, I would be happy to reconsider.

Meanwhile, let me repeat: In the original interview, Reuters author Anton Zverev posted quotes that are not consistent with the headline story. No amount of tampering, editing or innuendo can change that simple fact.

Once again, I quote – directly from Reuters  (who directly quoted Khodakovsky as follows) … “What resources our partners have, we cannot be entirely certain. Was there (a BUK)? Wasn’t there? If there was proof that there was, then there can be no question.

In 100% certain terms, and clearly in context, Khodakovsky stated he did not know if other rebel units had Buks, while a previous quote shows his unit did not.

There is absolutely no reasonable way for the Reuters headline to read (as it did) “Exclusive: Ukraine rebel commander acknowledges fighters had BUK missile.

Blame whoever you want: Blame the editor, blame the author, or blame Reuters, but you cannot reasonably blame anyone who points out such an obvious discrepancy.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock