It’s a “small price to pay” for 800 Finnish Dairy Workers Furloughed Due to Russia Sanctions.

“Valio, the largest Finish producer of dairy products, will involuntarily furlough part of its workforce from its factories that produce exports to Russia.  This was stated in a company press release.

The restructuring will affect (the following) Finnish divisions of Valio:  The factories in Haapavesi (Oltermanni cheese), Seinajoki (Valio butter), Vantaa (Viola melted cheese), and the warehouse in Lappeenranta.  The company will reevaluate employment contracts with all employees of these divisions.  “Some employees (by preliminary estimates, 800 people) may be involuntarily furloughed until the situation is fully clarified, and with some employees, temporary employment contracts will not be extended”, states the press release.”

Will Finnish dairy suck this up as a “small price to pay” for national pride? If so, Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah. Go Finland!

Where is Spanish National Pride?

Please consider the behavior of Spanish peach and nectarine growers, completely unwilling to pay a “small price” for the sake of international peace.

No doubt you will be totally disgusted with the extremely unpatriotic behavior of Spanish farmers who demanded and received an offer from Brussels to Buy Fruit with Public Money After the Russian Embargo.

Spanish farmers, especially peach and nectarine growers have reason for optimism. After last Thursday’s announcement of a Russian embargo of fresh produce from the EU, USA, Canada and Australia Union, Brussels has announced that apply exceptional measures for these sectors.

In a statement, the European Commission announced that it will “introduce measures to support sectors of peach and nectarine EU, in particular by increasing the volumes of fruit eligible for withdrawals and free distribution.”

Although the decision is not final and is scheduled to meet with the various affected countries Thursday, the official approval will occur in the coming weeks.

After a more than two-hour meeting, farmers have left very satisfied and have been met.

Tejerina recalled that the Government had agreed to the removal of 10,000 tons of peaches and apricots, which are designed to last used for humanitarian aid or processing. Thus, the government will request the EC “extend that far removed in terms of volume and in terms of sectors affected fruit.”

How About Them Apples?

Inquiring minds are no doubt asking How About Them Apples?

That’s a damn good question. And unlike the unpatriotic Spanish apricot and peach growers, the Polish “Puls Biznesu” newspaper called for a show of support for Poland’s apple producers, urging people to eat more apples and to drink cider.

If Poles don’t eat 3-4 times as many apples as before, then prices will crash.

But hey, as you all know, it’s a small price to pay. Who cares if history says sanctions don’t work? Who cares if a recession ensues?

I encourage everyone to wrap themselves in the flag of the US singing right along with the Finnish dairy workers “Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah It’s a Small Price to Pay“.

The “small price to pay” advocates will cheer every step of the way until  they are the ones who have to pay the “small price“.

In that regard, expect Finnish dairy workers to quickly renounce their “small price

Small Price

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock