The ongoing effort to replace human workers with robots took an interesting turn today as Indianapolis Airport Unveils Roaming Customer Service Robot on Wheels.

A new customer service robot is now roaming around the passenger terminal of Indianapolis International Airport.

The robot was rolled out Thursday, with a staffer guiding it remotely around the baggage claim area greeting travelers and looking for anyone who needed assistance. The robot looks like a miniature Segway, but with a blue customer service shirt and an interactive iPod on top showing the employee piloting it.

Next Big Thing in Airport Customer Relations

USA Today has a video of the Friendly Indianapolis Airport Robot answering questions.

Don’t worry, the robot is not out to take your customer service job. Airport officials say the robot will complement, not replace, human workers.  

They forgot to add … until we get the kinks worked out.

Of course, the higher the minimum wage, the faster they will get the kinks out.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock