It’s not just patient sentiment against Obamacare that has soured lately. A stunning 215,000 doctors (and rising) refuse to accept Obamacare patients.

“Affordable” Care Act

Gary Franchi ended the above video with this thought: “It seems the biggest lie Obama told was calling his wide sweeping healthcare law – affordable“.

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Good News – Bad News

Good News: You’re covered
Bad News: Your choice in doctors is shrinking fast

What was that Obama said?
Wasn’t it something like … If you have a plan you can keep it, and you can keep your doctor too.


Some people have questioned the stats. I did so too.

But what do the stats mean? And how many people are on “Obamacare” vs. those covered in grandfathered plans and traditional employer plans?

On September 18, Politico reported 7.3 Million in Obamacare plans, Beats CBO Forecast.

The Population of the US is 316.1 million as of 2013. Of course, those enrolled may have multiple family members. So, double the 7.3 million to get 14.6 million.

Even so, we are talking about less than 5% of the population. Double that to 10% if you like. Is it now so inconceivable a high percentage of doctors would refuse to deal with Obamacare plans?

 Mike “Mish” Shedlock