The “Grubergate” scandal will just not go away.

For the background to this story and a startling video clip, please see my November 11 post, Obamacare Architect Explains “Stupidity of American Voter” Needed to Pass ACA.

Video clip shown below.

At the recent G20 conference, a reporter asked Obama to explain his role, what he knew, and the role of Jonathan Gruber. When the heat is on, politicians do what they do best: lie.

Here’s proof, in a second video clip published on November 16.

Please play the first and second video. They are short and easy to understand.

Gruber commented twice (at least) on the “stupidity of the American voter“. Now Gruber calls his statements “speakos“, verbal typos.

Anyone believe that? Anyone believe Obama?

Regardless, it’s too late. Obamacare passed and now (like it or not) we are stuck with it.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock