In response to CIA Torture Reports: Frozen to Death; Dick Cheney War Criminal I received an interesting response from a U.S. Army Major.

USAM writes …

Hi Mish,

Just thought I’d write to share my opinion the recent torture revelations:

“I’m sad and horrified to read the details of the CIA’s torture program. To me, it represents the sickest form of consequentialism, one that has run roughshod over any type of moral authority the U.S. can claim in offering its leadership to the world. I’m further upset that my fellow brothers and sisters in uniform will most likely underwrite this disastrous program, as the enemy will now be all too eager to respond in kind to any American serviceman or woman unlucky enough to endure capture. I only wish we had the moral courage to make those responsible accountable for these unmistakable atrocities.”

All you’ve written on the subject is very well said.

US Hypocrisy

That response was unexpected even though USAM has emailed several times before in general agreement with things I have stated. I withheld his name for obvious reasons,  even though USAM did not request me to do so.

For change to happen, it must come from within. Sadly, president Obama cannot lead at all, and Bush-Cheney led us in the wrong direction.

Clearly, CIA torture is US hypocrisy at its very worst, yet supported openly by Vice President Dick Cheney, a chickenhawk who commented “I had other priorities in the ’60s than military service“.

Ironically, one of the arguments Bush-Cheney used to invade Iraq was “Saddam Hussein tortured people”.

Of all the US hypocrites who deserve to rot in hell forever, Cheney surely must be near the top of the list.

Unfortunately, Obama will do nothing but push all of this under the rug. Worse yet, many leaders in both parties support US-sponsored torture, yet whine at the slightest opportunity when other countries do the same.


USAM makes me want to stand up and salute. It’s not often I say that in complete sincerity about anything related to US military service.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock