This is a non-economic comedy post, but I think you will enjoy it.

In the video below, I take a big swing at the Chicago Bears football team and secondarily Obamacare. Watch the video to see the tie-in.

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Dysfunctional Bears

Video was produced before Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer admitted he was the source of a Cutler “absolutely killed” the bears comment.

Kromer issued a tearful apology late last week.

In the past few weeks there have been reports of locker room fights, talk of “buyer’s remorse” about Cutler, and now a blubbering offensive coordinator crying in the locker room.

Select Still Captures From Video

Jay Cutler Wanted “Sacked or Alive”

Introducing BearCrow – Guaranteed to Cure Your “BWA”

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More Inside a “Ding Dong” Than Cutler’s Head

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“BWA” Recognized Disease Under Obamacare

Dr. N.E. Thingoes Sure to Prescribe BearCrow and BearNausia

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Phone Operators Standing By

Mish Production

Film Credits

  • Mish: Script, Props, Announcer
  • Friend Kathy: Phone Operator
  • Neighbor Mike: Afflicted with and Cured of “BWA”
  • Mike’s son Cole: Top Investigator Homer Sherlock
  • Mike’s son Noah: Support the Kids
  • Liz, my Wife: Videographer
  • Friend MaryBeth: Stage Assistant

Mike “Mish” Shedlock