A truly enjoyable video just came my way from reader Paul.

Link if video does not play: 3rd World Space Program.

Judging from comments, I believe the video was made in Thailand. A few comments stand out.

Trey: To me this is a joyful celebration of life, and possibilities. We would never be allowed to have this much fun here in the states.

Scott: The device is called a girandola and it is driven by rockets. The spin provides gyroscopic stabilization while the rockets (not the central blade, which is completely flat) provide the entirety of the thrust. The design of this particular girandola is different from most I’ve seen as it appears that the rockets on the center beam are being used to provide both spin and thrust (most designs use different rockets for spin and thrust).

Robert: According to Lloyd Sponenberg, this is a hooped tourbillion, not a girandola. It looks very much like a caduceus rocket with more drivers and a flywheel for stabilization.

Peter: That was totally brilliant, so funny watching everyone running for cover. With the seemingly unsynchronized wick lighting, I thought it was going to go lopsided but no, like a true fire god it shot up true, spiraling as it went. The big surprise was the parachute. I thought it would be left to plummet to the ground.

Tony: After a hasty exit from the launch platform, the home-made Thai rocket blasts off incredibly fast and then spin crazily as it propels itself hundreds of meters into the sky, leaving behind a double helix trail. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the most entertaining thing I’ve seen so far this year.

Rick: Forget the possibly derogatory video title. This is really cool!

David: I would feel completely triumphant if I had been involved. It made me feel wonderful and I was not even there!

I echo the sentiments of David and Trey. And I too dislike the original title “3rd World Space Program”.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock