A friend sent me a hilarious video this morning on bottled water. The video is from 2010, but it’s also timeless.

Bottled water is a big industry, and profit margins are amazing. But does bottled water taste better? Is it free of chemicals? Is it even regulated?

Depending on what you know about bottled water, some of the answers may surprise you.

Link if video does not play: Truth About Bottled Water

There are reasons to drink bottled water of course. Here are two:

  1. Your city tap water tastes bad or looks bad.
  2. Your well water tastes bad, looks bad, or has higher than you like minerals or organics in it.

The number one water in taste tests happens to be New York City tap water. Chicago has great water too, at least it did when I was there in 2000.  The vast majority of citizens in the US have excellent water.

I once lived in a town called Lake in the Hills. It had water that was brown one day of the week, like clockwork. I believe it was every Tuesday. Whatever day it was, you learned not to wash your clothes on that day.

We have a well now, and I think the water tastes great. But it does have high calcium content which a water softener takes care of nicely.

If you like the convenience of having a cold bottle of water handy, I have a simple suggestion: refill the bottles from your tap.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock