It is tax season and that means it’s time for tax fraud and tax fraud scams. Today I received a voice mail allegedly from “officer Melvin” with the IRS.

We have received a legal petition notice against you concerning a tax division. So before we file a case against you, and before you get arrested, kindly call us back on our callback number. The number to reach me is 202-684-6608. I repeat 202-684-6608. Do not disregard this message. Do return the call. Again, this is officer Melvyn Betchett with the Internal Revenue service. Thank you and have a great day.

Here is the WAV file if you wish to hear the short 33 second fraud scheme:
Tax Fraud WAV File.

The file may or may not play automatically. It did not for me. Instead I saw this box when I hit the forward arrow to attempt to play.

The download did work, and Windows Media Player played it automatically just fine. Here is the sharable link if you wish to download the file:

The IRS sends bills. The IRS does not make phone calls threatening arrest, or ask for your bank account number or debit card number.

I notified the authorities. You can do so at the Treasury Inspector General IRS Impersonation Site.

Hopefully, the audio will allow the authorities to catch crook “Melvin” soon enough.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock