In reference to China Joins Currency War With Surprise Devaluation, Biggest One-Day Move on Record reader Martin writes …

Hi Mish,

I don’t fully understand from your latest post what is the significance of congress labeling China a currency manipulator? Does it matter? Also you say they shouldn’t, aren’t they obviously a manipulator?
Can you elaborate?

Thanks for all the great insights!


The significance of Congress labeling China a currency manipulator is the likelihood that president Obama would have to hike tariffs on a number of Chinese imports. This would likely result in a tit-for-tat response by China.

No one wins trade wars. Instead trade suffers.


  • China does manipulate currency to force yuan down.
  • The US has undergone QE to force the dollar down.
  • The US and China both manipulate interest rates for the same reason.
  • The EU manipulates interest rates and also launched an inane QE policy.
  • Japan does all three: Currency interventions, QE, Interest rate manipulation.

No one should point fingers here. They are all guilty

Mike “Mish” Shedlock