I have made a decision to move from Blogger to WordPress. I expect the move to be complete within a few weeks.

I have many reasons for the switch but at the top of the list are layout issues and changes that I want to make that are simply impossible in blogger.

In addition, some things work clumsily on Blogger, and other things are broken for reasons unknown.

Search Button Not Working

In a June timeframe, the search button on the upper right of this blog stopped working for me and for some others. It worked perfectly for years.

All many see is ads. Others get “404” errors. It works just fine for still others.

Google cannot replicate the problem.

I added a Search widget at the bottom of the page that does work. It looks sloppy but it works.

If you are looking for something on my blog and the top search button does not work, try the bottom search.

Disqus Comments

People keep asking me when I am going to bring comments back. Actually they have been back for some time.

Echo/JSkit went out of business and it took me a couple weeks to get the Disqus comment system going. However, Disqus only loads on an individual post. It does not load on the base blog, http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/.

You can see and enter comments right now if you click on an item in the “recent post list” (presuming it displays), and that has sometimes not worked properly either.

WordPress Comments

I will use the built-in commenting system of WordPress.

Subscribe Feed

Many people tell me they have subscribed to my blog but do not get the feed. This is another problem Google cannot replicate or find. And this problem has been going on for over a year.

The problem may very well be in my blog somehow, or in FeedBurner, although it worked fine for years.

Regardless, WordPress has many built-in features that allow reader subscription. I will go with one of the WordPress built-in options.

Lack of Blogger Resources

It is nearly impossible to find reliable sources that can work with and fix Blogger problems. Support will be far easier with a WordPress layout.

Sincere Thanks to Google!

It’s been a wonderful relationship with Google actually. I cannot expect such a large global company drop everything they are doing to investigate problems for single blogger.

Instead, I will move to a platform where technical help is more readily available.

That platform is WordPress.

Final Thoughts

I have some top-notch assistance at WordPress now, helping me with the transition.

My new site will be more navigable and it will have far fewer ads as well as fewer irritating ad characteristics.

The main area of the page will also be larger.

Thanks for your patience and also thanks to Google for getting me started blogging.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock