A reader emailed a link to a preposterous Foreign Policy article by Aaron David Miller entitled “It’s Not Obama’s Fault“.

The subtitle was just as preposterous: “The inconvenient truths about why you can’t blame the West for what’s happened in Syria.”

Miller’s article is the same old, same old flag waving “US never does anything wrong, and should apologize for nothing” type of thing.

In retrospect, the article could have been about anything, not just Syria.

The article did serve a purpose, however. In the future his entire article and anything similar can easily be replaced by a set of simple rules.

Six Rules to Live By

  • Rule Number 1: Never blame your own party
  • Rule Number 2: It’s never Obama’s fault
  • Rule Number 3: It’s never Bush’s fault
  • Rule Number 4: If you are a Republican, please see rule number 2
  • Rule Number 5: If you are a Democrat, please see rule number 3
  • Rule Number 6: If you are independent, please see rules number 2 and 3.

Fake patriot non-apologists are a dime a dozen.

But the demagogues who always blame the other party are just as bad, if not worse.

Anyone who does not understand how destabilizing US policy is for the entire Mideast has their head up their ass.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock